Book Review: Fire Hound by Christine Feehan

Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: April 26, 2016
Rated: 4.5 Stars

Book 5 in the Sea Haven series: this is Lissa’s story. Lissa is heading to Europe to sell glass designs that she creates as well as running from a fate she has no desire to commit to. She feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere due to a traumatic childhood. Even though she has a home with her sisters, she still holds back from fully connecting with them. Unknown to the other five, Lissa has been hiding in America with her sisters to protect her identity, and she has secretly been trained by her uncle to be an assassin. Lissa’s parents were murdered years before, and her uncle took care of her until he wanted her to be safe and sent her to the States. Now Lissa’s real reason for going to Italy is to kill two people who betrayed their family. Finding her soul-mate is not something she’s interested in and Casimir has to work for her affections. Since he is unable to prevent her from avenging her family he instead helps her to find the peace she is looking for.