Book Review: Starman Jones by Robert Heinlein

I recently read Starman Jones written by Robert Heinlein in 1953. It is one of his juvenile science fiction novels that is enjoyable for all ages. A teenage boy named Max Jones lives on a farm outside of Winnipeg. His father died when he was young and Max was mentored by his Uncle Chet until Chet’s death. He was a Starman in the Astrogators Guild which Max hopes to join one day. The adventure starts when Max meets his stepfather. They do not get along. He runs away from home to join the Astrogators Guild but without an apprenticeship he can’t join. He meets up with a grifter named Sam Anderson, who knows a way to get him on one of the ships and still have his adventure. Of course, the ship is the one Max’s Uncle Chet served on when he was alive. On the ship, he meets an array of colorful characters. Some he gets along with and others he doesn’t, including a girl named Eldreth “Ellie” Coburn and her spider puppy who are among the group of colonists.