Book Review: Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Back

Fortune’s Pawn Review
By Kathryn Sandford

Fortune’s Pawn is the first book in a trilogy written by Rachel Bach, first published in 2013. The story follows Devina ‘Devi’ Morris, a strong, career-driven woman who wants to one day be one of the king’s imperial guards. She knows to do that she has to prove she is the best of the best, so she quits her current security job and signs on with this tyrant of a captain only because one year working for him is equal to five years working with anyone else.

The story is all told in the first person like a journal; the main character is in control of her story. One thing I liked was she is also in control of her sexuality. Some call her a slut but she’s ok with that because she knows what she wants and isn’t going to let love or a relationship get in the way of her career.

The book starts off slow. I blame this mostly on the style it is written in. Yet, I could not think of a better way to write it. She is a very cheerful, reckless girl who loves to take risks, which is why I believe she has such an attraction to her co-star in the book, Rupert. By the middle of the book, it truly picks up with the action and is worth reading to the end. As much as this is the first book in a series, it could also be a stand alone. Rachel Bach found a way to answer all her readers’ questions about this story, finishing it from beginning to end but leaving the readers wanting more.

It is a well-written book, and I recommend it to all women who want a sci-fi adventure from a woman’s point of view.