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Surviving the World of Live Events – Part III ~ Finding Alternative Events

It’s Sunday, and we are excited to bring you another installment of Surviving the World of Live Events by Carol Ann King Here is Part III ~ Finding Alternative Events

It’s time to think outside the box again. Take a moment, close your eyes and think about your book(s). Write down all the words that you thought of. Now look for an event that corresponds to everything on your list. If there is one thing you can count on, there is something happening somewhere that fits in with the themes of your book.


Street festivals are usually made to support a cause. A simple search of your town or city’s website calendars will tell you when they are happening and give a link to contact about vending. These are usually the most inexpensive places to showcase your books, but have a smaller crowd that attends.

Bazaars and flea markets are everywhere and happen year round. A Google search is a good place to start. Kijiji, Craigslist, and online classifieds will provide you with enough places to start. If the venue is open year round, take a day to see what it offers. Look for specific themes. If you write about antiques, coins or even old haunted items, then a venue that offers vintage material may be a good fit for you.


Typically this is a seasonal event that starts up in October. If you write horror, fantasy or science fiction, this is your haven – business is there for your taking. Watch your local papers and online classifieds, you don’t want to miss a single one.


Do you write romance? How about historical romance? This is the place for you. Even the right kind of fantasy can do well in this venue. People attending are begging to be swept away ~ to another place ~ to another time ~ into the arms of a new lover. Your book can offer all that and more. Specialty festivals are well advertised online and begging for vendors.


Cookbook authors this is where you shine. During the summer months when produce is ripe there is so much competition between pick-your-own farms that they all offer special events. An author signing for a cookbook is right up their aisle, especially if your book features recipes with their products. Apples and strawberries anyone? Don’t forget pumpkin season!


Erotica feel like you are always being left out? Look no further than you local lingerie or adult store. Trust me, they feel left out too. Having an erotica author or two come in for a day could boost their sales and yours.


Kids want everything they see. Parents would prefer their child read a book. It isn’t hard to put two and two together. What better way to make everyone happy by having a child walk out with both a book and a toy or candy?


There are many pride festivals from Pagan Pride to LGBQT and you can easily find them all listed online.

Whatever you write, there is a place for you. Be creative with your search and don’t be discouraged if your ideas aren’t accepted at the first place you try. Small businesses are more likely to be open to your suggestions than a large chain store.

Join me next time for Surviving the World of Live Events Part IV ~ Preparing for your first event.

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Book Review: The Edward Almost Ready Series by Rosemary Wells

Today, Diannika Alyse Star reviews the Edward Almost Ready series byRosemary Wells, intended for children ages 2 and up. The series contains the books “Edward Almost Goes Swimming”, “Edward Almost Sleeps Over”, and “Edward Almost Goes to School”

What kids want to know:

Edward is a cute little bear cub who is ALMOST ready for some big-kid things in the Edward Almost Ready series. There are 3 books.

One is about when Edward is almost ready to go swimming. He is invited to a birthday party at a pool! But he is not ready to swim with no water wings yet.

The second one is about when a big snow storm makes it hard to drive. Edward needs to sleep at his friend’s house. But he is not ready for that yet!

The third one is about when Edward is almost ready to go to school. He tries, but he just is not ready yet.

And every time, his Mom and Dad tell him that it is ok to not be ready yet. To find out more, you should read the books!

What Parents Should Know:

The Edward Almost Ready series contains 3 books. The e-books were made from the hard-copy books, and in a couple places there are some small formatting errors. Nothing major, but a couple lines of text in the series don’t line up to the boxes the text and pictures are in quite right.

The series teaches children that it is ok to not be ready for things at the same time others think they should be and that it is ok to try anyway and need to stop.

To me it seems like Edward may be mildly autistic, however, that may not be the case. Either way, I can see these being very helpful to children with ASD or other developmental and/or learning delays. That said, every kid learns and develops at their own pace, and so I think that these books teach lessons every kid should learn, and every parent keep in mind.

On the negative end of things, in Edward Almost Goes Swimming there is a part where some kids are not very nice and nothing is done about it, and when they cause problems for Edward, the adult present says that Edward isn’t ready for that kind of party. As long as you take the time to explain why that happens or that it shouldn’t have happened, it shouldn’t be a problem.