Book Review: If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries

Today, Jennifer Glenn reviews ‘If the Viscount Falls’ by Sabrina Jeffries.

Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date:
Rated: 5 stars!
Hot and steamy, this romance novel captures the story of Dominick and Jane. We met Dominick in ‘Twas the Night After Christmas (the final Hellions of Halstead Hall book) and his story proved that the best things come last in this current series. Dominick tricked Jane into jilting him after he was disinherited by his brother George, the current heir. Refusing to let her lose her birthright, he uses Nancy (her cousin), to betray her. George then marries her thinking he is once again getting one up on his brother. Twelve years later, Dominick is now a successful owner of his own investigative business despite his brother. When George dies without an heir and his widow goes missing with a rumored pregnancy, he becomes the presumptive heir. When Jane shows up on his doorstep, convinced that Nancy is in trouble, he is forced to relive his past and the fact that he could once again lose everything that meant the world to him. Having Jane back in his life also means confronting choices that lead him to realize that he needs to trust in her love. Jane, however, has grown into a strong, intelligent woman who refuses to let Dom sweep her off her feet again. Dom is an alpha male who will always sacrifice himself for the ones he loves and truly shows that he needs Jane to complete him.

This is a great second chance story. I always love characters who can make mistakes and still grow throughout the book. I love that they have to fight for their love story and prove to each other that they need each other. While you don’t have to read the previous books, I truly believe that all these books tie in together beautifully. Luckily though, a teaser at the end shows that we may see all of them again in a future book.