Book Review: To Save a Life by Jim & Rachel Britts

He gave up being somebody in order to make a difference.

Jake and Roger grew up as best friends. But in high school, Jake becomes a star athlete who has it all: popularity, a college scholarships, and the hottest girl on campus. It’s an ideal life that comes at the price of his childhood friend. Meanwhile, Roger grows tired of always being pushed aside, and he makes a tragic move that spins Jake’s world out of control. As Jake searches for answers, one question plagues him the most: could he have saved his friend?

Jake is deeply compelled to reach out to students who are on the fringe of acceptance by the school’s upper crust. But he soon finds that reaching out to the undesirable might cost him everything—his reputation, his friends, his girlfriend, and even his dreams.

It’s a journey that will change Jake’s life forever.

To Save a Life is an inspirational story about real-life challenges and hard choices. For anyone who has struggled with regret, loneliness, and pain, it is a story of hope. For all of us, To Save a Life is a story about living a life of significance.