Interview: Jane Baker

Jane Baker, author of¬†Nobody Dies When I’m Around,¬†opened up about her writing process, her family, and her inspirations during a recent virtual interview. She spoke candidly about what compelled her to put pen to paper, and how she tackled difficult subject matters such as death, grief, illness, and coming out to her family.

Aimee Terravechia: My first question for you is about your writing process. You wrote Nobody Ever Dies When I’m Around during a very difficult time in your family’s life. How cathartic was writing this book?
Jane Baker: Very. I think that when you are in a tough situation, that finding an outlet for your wild thoughts is exceptionally helpful. But I did only start the book then, and I’ve been writing since that event.

Terravechia: Do you think you would have written this book had that not happened?
Baker: Probably not. I think that when your child is ill, your world is shaken up beyond ever getting back to a space where you aren’t thinking about everything.