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Interview: Jack Conner

Author Jack Conner has written many books filled imaginative worlds and unique characters. For our first Science Fiction month, he graciously agreed to an interview to talk about his epic Steampunk Science Fiction adventure series, the Atomic Sea.

Kayla Perisho-Denley: The Atomic Sea is an amazing, unique, epic Science Fiction journey; can you tell us a little bit about this series?

Jack Conner: Imagine an epic fantasy structure and feel with a more steampunkish / sci-fi aesthetic, featuring fish-people, zeppelins, world war, Lovecraftian gods and more creepy monstrosities than you can shake a stick at, and you’ll have some idea of the nature of The Atomic Sea.

To give you more specifics about the setting and plot . . .


Australian Literature

Australian literature characterises what it means to be Australian, from colonial times to the modern day. It deals with the bush and the city, often in contrast, experiences of war, convicts, bushrangers and pioneering, as well as family sagas, and the outcomes of floods and bushfires. It has also dealt with Aboriginal people, the Irish and lost children, all images that have contributed to what is seen as the collective Australian identity that is constantly changing and evolving, something that can be seen through the stories told by Australians.