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Brain Food for Writers — Eggs in Hell

Writers need food… much as we’d like to think we survive on chocolate, coffee and ideas. The thing about food is that it shouldn’t just be anything being thrown into the body. This is why “brain food” is so important.

Okay, not just for writers but readers, students or anyone relying on the ability to think clearly and quickly. I have a treat for you that doesn’t involve the word “granola” or “diet”.


Soft Vs. Hard Sci-Fi

What is the difference between soft sci-fi and hard sci-fi? Well, soft Sci-Fi is when the science part focuses on the humans and not the city. They can still be futuristic technology but it is not the main focus. Soft Sci-Fi can take place at any time in history. It can be the past, present or future. This could be something as simple as the main character is an alien living on Earth like Superman or a human living on another planet like in Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. They don’t also have to be an alien who is living on Earth. It could just be a human with a special ability like in the book Light by Nathan Burgoine about a boy who discovers he is telekinetic and has psychokinesis.