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Q & A: Katelyn Sweigart

Stardust, Always was released on June 5th, 2016, National Cancer Survivors Day. To celebrate it’s release, we’ll be sharing some of its contributors’ responses to four short questions every day this week.

Today, we bring you Clara Katelyn Sweigart’s interview with Mayra Pérez González. Katelyn Sweigart is the author of “Goblins & Glitter,” and also contributed to Stardust, Always as a proofer.

MAYRA PÉREZ GONZÁLEZ: Why did you choose to participate?

KATELYN SWEIGART: I needed to take the plunge into writing something for an audience, and what better way than in support of a good cause?

PÉREZ: Describe your experience contributing to “Stardust, Always.”

SWEIGART: I still can’t believe this was put together so quickly. Are our editors nuclear-powered or something? I am blown away by the talent we’ve accumulated…I mean, just look at that cover art! Baldwin did an amazing job–I want it framed!

PÉREZ: What influence has David Bowie or Alan Rickman had in your life?

SWEIGART: I became a fan of Bowie after watching Labyrinth, and Rickman after Harry Potter. Bowie’s glam and creativity fueled some of my stories. Rickman’s acting drilled into me the importance of character development and subtlety being able to speak volumes.

Stardust, Always is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook format.

Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Australian literature is made up of many genres. Australian science fiction and fantasy began to grow after World War Two, in the fifties and sixties. The growth of the genre has allowed for the idea of stories in Australia to be seen in a new way, a different way, to what might be traditionally expected. The development of an Australian genre of science fiction and fantasy ensured the creation of science fiction and fantasy-centric imprints under larger publishers, bookshops specifically for the genres, and magazines, such as Aurealis and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. These magazines showcase short stories from Australian authors with science fiction and fantasy themes.