Genre of the Month, June - SciFi

Review: City at World’s End by Edmond Hamilton


This is an old sci-fi story from 1951 written by Edmond Hamilton. It’s about a city that is taken from Earth in order to preserve the human race. The aliens had been watching Earth for a long time and knew that humans main goal was to keep and preserve life. So they took what they thought was the best city off that. The people try to explain that their city was the center point and could only maintain itself with outside resources.

Genre of the Month, June - SciFi

Dune Arakis Spice Coffee

Abruptly Leto saw a young woman sitting outside a crude hut in dawnlight. She sat right there in front of him roasting coffee beans to a rose brown, adding cardamom and melange.

Children of Dune

This is a simple recipe to add a little more Spice to your life. It probably won’t give you powers or visions, but it sure does make your coffee taste great! (Books & Quills is not responsible for any visions or powers you do get from consuming this recipe). Grab your copy of Dune, your coffee pot, and these ingredients.