Free Time

This week I started a Social Media course at school. The workload is so much less than it was for the Context of Writing. It’s a relief considering it’s summertime. That amounts to lots of extra time. Free time is a blessing for most people. When you are a busy college student with a family and a job, it’s even more so.

So what does one do with such a blessing? Pester the Financial Aid Office at my school because I still don’t have my award for the next “school year” which for me starts in ten weeks. I attend Southern New Hampshire University and their school years are individually assigned per student. At SNHU, the financial aid school year is based on when a student enrolls in order to get the most financial assistance from the fewest sources. As a not-for-profit institution, they actively try to ensure students don’t end up in more debt than is absolutely necessary to complete school. The downside to this system is that students don’t get their award notification until just a few weeks before it’s due to start. It makes it hard to tell what to plan for in the coming terms. It’s always nice to know how much money will be available per term so students can plan ahead for how many classes they can afford to take at a time.