Balancing Act


With the summer semester over I finally have a chance to breathe a bit. I finished my Social Media class with a 98.65%, one of my highest scores to-date. I’m really happy with it, but grades like that don’t come easy. So this week I’d like to discuss the great balancing act that comes with attending classes online.

Attending classes online has many pros and cons but the largest of them can be summed up in one statement. You can attend class when you have time but you have to make time for class. It seems like a simple enough concept but in reality there is a lot that can affect your schedule and ability to handle the coursework. Things like work, your family, your hobbies, really just life in general can all toss a figurative wrench in the works.

So how do you balance it all? That answer can be really complex and the solutions are different for everyone, but there are some universal things that can help.