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Review: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs


Ever wish Harry Dresden was a werewolf and a woman? Well that’s where you get Mercedes ‘Mercy’ Thompson. Her father, the only connection to finding out why she is the way she is, was killed before she was born. She hangs out with the werewolves now but when she transforms she is a Coyote. Her mother did the best she could to raise her, but gave her over to a pack of werewolves when things got too tough. The werewolves she met then used her for experiments trying to find a cure. Once she broke free she met other packs that were nowhere near as bad. The story takes place in Montana, a good place for werewolf packs to hang out if you ask me. She fixes cars for a living and doesn’t care if her clients are vampires, as long as they’re paying. It’s a different take on werewolves than most books; these ones are born. Female wolves can’t give birth to a baby because they would shift so many times in their pregnancy that the baby would not make it. The male wolves must have children with human mothers.