Review: The Adventures of John Paul Chavalier by Nicklaus Lee


I purchased an eBook copy of this Novel from the Canadian Amazon site as a read and review request for an online book club. The Adventures of John Paul Chavalier is a work of fiction.

The focus of the book is an evil coin. The author rests everything important on the coin itself and the struggle it creates. Even the cover art is a depiction of the coin. The idea itself is quite brilliant.

The plot is a creative look at the struggle between good and evil that manifests within each of us. The coin is the object that brings that manifestation to light. I found myself asking moral questions of my inner self. – If I could wish for anything and have it granted what would it be? – Is it evil to wish for something that makes the world ultimately better? – Is it wrong to sacrifice the few for the sake of the many? Lee’s writing questions the lines that are drawn and in some cases redefines those boundaries that have been set by society as the norm. These parts of the novel are worth a 5 star rating. I give a round of applause to Lee for his ability with words to bring out these deep thoughts for his audience to ponder.