Tributes, Initiatives, and Givers, Oh My!


In the vast world of books, there is one genre that has recently taken the spotlight–dystopia. There are so many out there…Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, The Selection (and those are only a small percentage!).

I think when it comes to understanding the love for this genre, you have to know what it is. A quick Google search reveals it as “an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one”.

Now, I can guess what you’re thinking…Don’t some of these occur in places that, well, aren’t completely bad. And you’d be right. Books such as The Giver take place in a utopia, which is basically just the opposite of a dystopia (though the concepts could be debated, especially in situations like the Giver). For the purposes of this article, I’ll be lumping them together.