Back on Track

My grades are (kinda) back on track. YAY! I wasn’t kidding when I told you that picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after a pitfall was absolutely doable. I’m back to an 81.87% in class and while that may scale higher, the likelihood is that I will finish with a B average in the course. That’s a huge comeback from the F I had earlier in the semester.

Right now in my Intro to Critical Thinking class, we are just finishing up with our Devil’s Advocate paper. We were assigned to objectively argue a controversial topic. We had the option of writing about whether or not God exists(in the Jewish / Christian / Muslim God, not other worshiped deities), or we could argue for or against Affirmative Action. I chose to prove that God exists and, apparently, I chose wrong. I feel like the Affirmative Action paper would have been much easier to write.

Now, before you get to rolling your eye or arguing religion… This is not going to be a proselytizing column. My belief is that faith in a higher power (or a lack thereof) is a highly personal matter so I am not here to preach.

I thought I had turned in a great paper. Thought being the operative word. I got a 77.5% on it. The paper needed to be structured where you present your personal argument, then present a rebuttal to your argument, and then a rebuttal to the rebuttal. It’s not a format I love to write in, especially when the arguments get repetitive because the major arguments all seem to surround the Big Bang. Now, there are only so many sources out there and our rubric for the paper very clearly states we can just use our text. I went above and beyond at the suggestion of my teacher, finding multiple sources to cite and/or quote, and it wasn’t enough. I think it ultimately boils down to a difference of opinion in writing styles. Ultimately he is the teacher and he is going to grade things how he wants. I am sure it doesn’t help that I was really behind and doing really poorly at the start of the semester either.

This week, we have another paper due. We will be taking a critical look at a few editorial pieces and then picking one to analyze. It is definitely going to be a very interesting look at current events. The school suggests using Bloomberg Editorials or editorials from the Los Angeles Times, but we can use any editorial from a major news outlet. Current articles on both sites are talking about lots of different topics that we can choose from:

  • The current condition of Detroit’s public schools 
  • Why legalizing marijuana needs to happen in California
  • How driverless cars are going to cost millions of jobs
  • Why Edward Snowden shouldn’t be pardoned
  • How the EU should be handling Brexit at this point
  • Economic challenges in China
  • Why videos of Cops shooting civilians need to be made public
  • How government transparency can improve race relations

The lists go on for days. I’m going to struggle to pick just one topic because there are so many that interest me. I will let you know what I ultimately settle on next week. In the meantime if you have any ideas, drop a comment below and let me know what YOU think I should write about.