Literary Halloween Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching and this month’s genre being horror, we’ve put together a list of creepy literary inspired costumes for you.  These are just some examples of bookish costumes which are primarily of the spooky or dark persuasion, but of course there are countless other characters to choose from out there, so pick up your favorite book and get creative!  Here’s our list with suggestions on what your next lit inspired costume could be!

Gashlycrumb Tinies

This macabrely cute lesson in the gashlycrumb_tiniesABC’s is a great source of inspiration for those looking for a unique literary inspired costume.  The cover of the book features a grim reaper waiting to take all the unfortunate kids who meet their untimely deaths as you go through the alphabet.  This would be a relatively simple costume, if you can get the long black dress coat, a top hat, and tatty umbrella you’re halfway there!  Paint or print large versions of the kids on poster board and attach them to the bottom of the coat.  Put on some skull makeup and you have a cute and slightly unnerving bookish costume!  Take a copy of the book with you to parties and start reciting the alphabet every time someone asks what you are!