Review: Star Wolf Trilogy by Edmond Hamilton

Star Wolf is a three part series written by Edmond Hamilton in 1967. In 1978 there was a Japanese TV series made based on the books called Star Wolf, keeping the same name.It follows the story of the Morgan Chane and Commander John Dilullo. Morgan was orphaned as a baby and raised on the planet Varna. He is human but has been accepted by the Star Wolves because he has grown up and learned their ways. Star Wolves are humanoid like aliens who live on a planet with very high gravity. They have huge  muscles and are more like giant Vikings. They are a pirate-type race.

Each book is a different adventure of Chane. A great series if you are into space pirates. It covers the adventure, dangers, joys and sadness of doing missions on a ship. A fun series for all ages. I highly recommend them if you can find a copy of these 3 little pulp books. They’re all about 150 pages each.

In Book One, The Weapon from Beyond, you learn the story of Morgan Chane and how, when he was old enough, he joined one of the crews of the raider ships until he got into a fight and killed the captain and was forced to flee, barely making it out alive. In Book Two, The Closed Worlds, Morgan is part of John Dilullo’s mercenary crew invading the closed planet of Arkuuns. In Book Three, World Of The Starwolves, they are sent on a mission to steal forty gems that represent the forty planets. These are one of the most valuable things in the galaxy and only a Starwolf could do it.

These three fun little adventures are a great enjoyable read. If you like stories about space pirates then these are the books to read. I only wish there were more.