Review: Pirate Princess by Catherine Banks

When I was a little girl, I loved to pretend to be a princess, but only some days. Other days were reserved for playing pirate or wizard. Never once did I consider being all three at once. That is exactly what Catherine Banks gives us in Pirate Princess.

Join a high seas adventure. Tilia is a young girl being brought up by her pirate father. Her mother, who passed away, was royalty and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Crilan. As per her mother’s request, Tilia goes to live with her aunt and uncle to learn the finer points of being a lady. It is soon learnt that one can put a lady in a pirate, but can’t take the pirate out of the lady.

Tilia is the best of all fantasy characters. Not only is she a strong female protagonist, but she is an enjoyable one as well. The side of her that is a pirate does occasionally overtake the magical and fairy-tale princess roles, but overall, Banks has blended the three into one well-rounded personality.

The side characters are equally as fun. The current King and Queen (Tilia’s Uncle and Aunt) are regal and proper one minute and deadly the next.

As with most young adult fantasy books, readers may find falling in love a little too easy for the main characters. Hold onto your hats though, this sets up some large adventures later in the book.

The cover art, in my opinion, is a smidgen too grown up for the story. A younger model may benefit potential readers.

The language and subject matter is geared towards young adult audiences. More mature readers may find that the outcome is a little too easy to predict. The story, however, is enjoyable for all ages.

Recommended read for pirate lovers!

Rated: 4 out of 5 stars