Looking Ahead

It seems like the entirety of the second half of this class has been all technical stuff so my apologies for being slightly off-topic again. This week I want to discuss the planning part of college. Planning ahead is a huge portion of school, especially online. To get your degree there are minimum standards that must be met and certain classes you have to take. The key is to know what you are trying to accomplish and what your minimums are so you can make the most out of your education.

Currently I have a Double Major. My main focus is a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing with a Fiction Concentration and my second Major is English Language and Literature. Part of the decision to Dual Major is that there is a lot of overlap in the programs. The three core classes for English Language and Literature are all part of the five core classes for Creative Writing. The elective credits from English Language and Literature also count toward the electives of Creative Writing. There is a ton of crossover and I only need an additional nine credit hours to complete the second Major. Knowing that there is a lot of overlap and A LOT of free electives gives me quite a bit of flexibility in my class choices.

So whats coming up? Right now I am trying to finish out my core classes that all students need to take. Thankfully those classes are also pretty flexible and offer me a chance to take elective that interest me and will aid my growth as a writer. I’ve talked a lot these past few weeks about Intro to Critical Thinking and how it is going to benefit me as a writer (and hopefully my faithful readers as well). This coming Semester I will be taking The Human Experience: Introductions to Anthropology.

It may seem like an odd class to some but to me it makes perfect sense for a few reasons. A huge one being the worldbuilding that comes with fiction. Having at least a basic understanding of how cultures develop can be a huge boon. The other main reason… I have a bit of an ‘in’, so-to-speak, with this class. My younger sister is in the middle of her Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and may or may not have taught this class (hint… she totally helped teach this class at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte). The class is far less daunting when I have someone that can read over my papers and give me instant feedback if I feel like I need some help. I don’t think I’ll need her assistance with this class because her entire world is Anthropology. I may have picked up a thing or fifty just talking to her over the last few years.

Part of me is really excited for this class. Part of me is TERRIFIED at the work load. There is a lot of writing involved in this course and all that writing will be in the midst of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short). NaNo takes place in November and I am planning to put between 50,000 and 75,000 words on my current novel on top of all the writing I’ll need to do for school (which will consist of lengthy discussions every week and two relatively long papers). The end of this course will take me to the holiday season and my next class(es) will start after the new year.

For 2017 my goal is to finish up the core classes I need a quickly as possible. If possible I am going to attempt to take two classes at a time rather than one, that is all of course dependent on my financial aid package and what we (my husbeast and I) can afford. Yes, he is called The Husbeast and we live on his income and the small stipend we get from DCFS for our Foster Daughter, my schooling revolves around them. Hopefully my goals for this school year can come to fruition; I seriously want to dig into the coursework for my Majors.