A Tour of B&Q NaNoWriMo Headquarters

Welcome. My name is Diannika, and I’ll be your tour guide today as we explore the Books & Quills NaNoWriMo Headquarters in Discord. A few basic reminders before we get started:

Our address is https://discord.gg/4yNGRN4 You can find us from a mobile or desktop app or from your favorite browser. If accessing us from the app, you can use just the invite code (4yNGRN4) to find us.

Books & Quills is not affiliated with OLL (Office of Letters and Light) or NaNoWriMo, or any of the NaNoWriMo Facebook groups, in any way other than most if not all of us are participants.

This is a place for many ages of people, so we do ask that all people keep their language and topics of conversation appropriate for ages 13 and up. We do, however, have an 18+ room for those who wish to or need to discuss topics that are not otherwise allowed in the common areas. Outside of that room, we ask that if you are discussing adult topics (such as a description of an adult novel) you word it in such a way we won’t end up with angry parents.

Thank you for your patience with the official babble. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the tour!

As you can see, this is the general lobby. Here we encourage chatting about nearly anything. This is especially for those who want to chat while writing, but don’t want to hang out in one of the other rooms, and people who just want to drop by but don’t mind writing talk so don’t want to relax in the break room. Basically, everyone is welcome here. As of now, it is usually the most active room, although we do expect many of the other rooms to pick up as NaNo continues.

Behind me we have the information desk. Here you can find basic information on what NaNoWriMo is, as well as on how to use Discord. It’s very helpful for those who need it and people should take a look at it individually, but it’s not very interesting as a stop on the tour, so let us continue.

Down this hallway we have the writing rooms. This first one is the Writing Only room. It is strictly for writing-based conversation, for those who do not want to be distracted. People are welcome to pop back and forth between any of the rooms, as long as this room is kept free of any distractions from writing.

Across the lobby you can see another room. That one is the Break Room. As you can see from the sign on the door, no writing talk is allowed there. It is intended for people who want to take a break from writing and just relax, recharge their brain. Here is a good place to play games as well.

Alright, now back to the writing wing… we will get back to the recreation wing on the other side in a few minutes.

Next stop on the tour is the Sprint Room. Here is where people can set up or join time-based sprints. For those who are unaware of what those are, you set a time and everyone participating writes as much as they can during that time. It is not exactly competitive, it is just a way to write together with others, while giving each other the push to succeed.

Across the hall is the Word Crawl Room. Here you will find or be able to set up word crawls. Those are basically writing to an RPG, or role-playing game. There is usually a base story, and as you and your partners (or competitors, depending on the crawl) progress, you have to complete certain writing-based tasks. These can include sprints, word wars, and other challenges. Sometimes they are merely required to progress, other times success or failure may change the outcomes of the story, or give you tools to help you through the story.

As a note, as I have seen many people confused by this, you complete the challenges with your NaNo novel… the crawl’s story has nothing to do with the writing itself. The crawl’s story is only intended to make it more fun to do, alone or with others.

Here at the end of the hall we have the Battlefield, where you can take part in word wars. That is, you and another person (or people) will set a time, and you will write as fast as possible in an attempt to be the winner. While traditionally this is a one-on-one type of thing, I have seen (and participated in) team word wars, where the teams wordcount was added up and compared instead of individual ones. Both kinds are welcome here, so have some fun.

Ok, follow me back this way. Behind the information desk is the Reference hallway. I’m sorry what was that?

Ah yes, the locked room. While I believe you can all look in and see what’s happening in there, it is locked to prevent people from entering without warning. That room is for a special speed crawl. Anyone can be invited in before a round starts, but due to the nature of it we do not allow people not participating to speak there. Just let us know if you want to take part, and we will be sure to give you a pass to get in.

Back to the reference hallway. Here at the beginning you can see a bulletin board. Here you can find prompts, or request a prompt, or post your own for others to use. It’s a great way to pass your plot bunnies on to others when they are too small to stand on their own.

We have several rooms here for helping to build your novel. First up, here to your left, is the Character Creation room. You can ask for help on various aspects of character creation… naming help, questions about specific traits or habits, how to describe a certain hair or eye or skin color, information on a profession or hobby and how it would influence the character, whatever you need. You can also post article links and other resources that can be helpful to those looking for character help, or answer other people’s questions.

Next is the World-Building room. This is a great place to discuss various aspects that make up the world your story is set in, whether it be things like what society would be like if the planets star was dying, or things like how does magic work, or just about anything. If it is part of world-building, it fits well here. Just like with the other reference rooms, feel free to ask for help, post your ponderings, or references, or help others.

And here we have the Plotting Station. Here is a great place to plot… no, not world domination… why are you cackling?

Ahem. As I was saying, this is a great place to plot. Have a plothole you don’t know how to fill? Find help here. Not sure where your story is going, or how to get from point a to point b? Surely someone here can help!

Here you have the actual reference reference rooms. This one is for Historical Facts, this one for Science, and this one for Cultural Articles and Studies. Here you can ask for help on these topics, but you can also contribute things you come across randomly that would fit the room’s topic.

At the end of this wing we have the Plot Bunny Adoption Center. Here you will find (or contribute) fully grown plot bunnies that the original owners just couldn’t take care of. They are available for anyone who needs or wants them to take home. This allows the original owners to focus their time and attention on the bunnies they are working with, while making sure the bunnies’ stories are still told.

Alright guys, I know they are cute, and you want to take one home, but you can come back later. We have one more wing to explore. You… yes, you. Come along. Thank you.

Here next to the break room is the recreation wing. First up is the novel-sharing room. This is where you can tell others about your NaNovel, including your working cover if you have one.

In the hallway between rooms we have this bookshelf. It is where you will find published works by other NaNoers who frequent our HQ. Feel free to add yours to the shelf. However, each person is limited to a single post, in which you are welcome to include multiple works. We want to make sure everyone’s writing has a chance to be seen.

On the other side of the hall we have the Jukebox. This is a great place to post links to music, especially YouTube links. They will play in the Jukebox, meaning people will not have to leave to listen to them. Please, browse the offerings here whenever you wish. You never know what you will find!

Back here in the back of this wing is the 18+ room I told you about back at the beginning of the tour.  This room is for adults only, and is a place where conversations can be had that would not be appropriate for teens. Obviously I will not go into detail here, as I know we have a few underage people with us today, but we do ask that these kinds of conversations remain here, and that teenagers (and kids who may find their way here) keep out of this room.

Let’s make our way back to the lobby.

The last thing to show you right here is the channel request box. This is for those who may need a room for something specific… perhaps a long crawl you don’t want to take up the word crawl room with, or a different sprinting schedule than is going on in the main sprint room at the time.  You can also request a specific room for your writing group. These rooms will be public unless specifically arranged with myself or May, and even in private ones the B&Q staff will still have access. The third type of channel request is for suggestions of permanent rooms you think we should add.

Remember you can talk verbally here, not just in writing. Just find the room that fits what you are looking for and enjoy yourself!

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our facilities, and look forward to seeing you around and getting to know you better.