Review: Boundless by J.D. Cunegan

I recently had the opportunity to interview Cunegan for my blog. His answers intrigued me and the Bounty series found a home in my reading pile. I was looking for something a little different from my normal preferences and I definitely found it.

It makes sense, in my opinion, to read a prequel first. I enjoy knowing the backstory before delving into the main plot line. For that reason, I chose to start with Boundless: A Bounty Short.

This Novella/Novelette tells the story of Jill Anderson. If you like strong female protagonists, you are going to love Jill. She’s a homicide officer by day and vigilante by night, with some impressive abilities. Having been in the military, she agreed to a secret operation that, in essence, made her a mash-up of Wolverine, Robocop and Nancy Drew. She has a mystery to solve and what she can do legally in the daytime, she has no problem finishing without the law behind her when the sun goes down.

Picking a genre to place Cunegan’s work into isn’t any easy task. There’s an aspect of: Sci-fi, Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy and a bit of Horror. As you can imagine that’s a lot to pack into a short. The action starts on page one and keeps going all the way through. In fact, the one problem I had was perhaps it had a little too much going on all at once in some places, especially early on.

The fight scenes are incredibly detailed – you can visualize every punch, slice and bullet.

I did end up wondering – was her brother’s Canadian comic book hero Superman or Captain Canuck?

Readers should be aware of  scenes with violence, resulting in blood splatter and/or loss, as well as strong language.

Four & a half out of five stars. Recommended read for all action lovers.