Ultimate Pot

Allen Hovland was a predictable man and always had been he was a little boy. He went to school on a regular basis, maintained a C+ average, and wasn’t one for sports, more into chess club and playing the piano. He listened to his mother when she told him to brush his teeth and take a bath. He always listened to what his mother told him and he made it through life nice and simple. When he was 18 he graduated from high school with all the other kids his age and went to college. When he was 22 he met his wife and they got married. When they finished college together, Allen got a job as a kindergarten teacher and his wife got a job working for a high school class. They had a child 3 years later, whom they sent to boarding school shortly after Allen found out his wife had cancer. Allen was left in a pickle, since his happy life was changed to a sad and unpredictable rollercoaster.

With all that had happened, it wasn’t expected that there would be new changes that would happen next in Allen’s short and predictable life. Allen had no idea what to do now that he was no longer young. His life was so predictable before but now it wasn’t.  He had no choice when it came to his next step in life, that involved take his wife to her appointments and therapy sessions. There seemed no way out of this spiralling down lifestyle, and he wanted an answer of what way he should go next. Then from somewhere in the sky a flyer flew onto his feet and he saw an ad for a support group for spouses who were going through the same thing. The doctor had told Allen before to go looking for a support group. He took this as a sign and planned to go to the meeting on his next available night which happened to be a Thursday night.