Looking Forward to 2017

While 2016 was monumental in beginnings and endings for many, this year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet for writers and readers alike. I hope to be there through it all bringing you some of the best tips and tricks as well as exciting new reads and an in-depth look at some of your favourite authors, as well as a few up and coming writers.

If you look back through my articles over the past year you will find a lot about live events. Let’s go a step further this year and really detail each type as I bring you, the reader, along with me to every venue I attend. What does this mean for you? Putting it simply, you’ll receive the inside scoop as well as a few new tricks and tips to make every event a success.

As an author, 2017 holds unimaginable potential for me. While I have new books in the works, I am also working on a couple of cookbooks. Look for some recipe love as I plan to share a few of my favourites throughout the year.

That’s not all. Hold onto your hats because during 2016 I tried out various online promotions and I can’t wait to go through the results.

I ended 2016 on a rocky note in my personal life, but that in itself gave me insight into my marketing strategy. My sales had a direct correlation to the amount of time I spent online or rather, in my case, the lack of time I was visually active on social media. Let’s breakdown where our time is best spent in a brand new article series!

Now you have a list of what to expect from me in 2017; I hope you’ll join me next week for another edition of “The Write Information.”