Review: Claiming Trinity by Kali Willows

I met Kali Willows at an author signing event. There is something about the paranormal that fascinates me. While I was browsing the booths, looking for additions to my to be read pile, I came across Claiming Trinity part of the Wiccan Haus Series. As this was the first novel I have found with a Banshee as the main character and a Gargoyle thrown in for bonus points, I immediately purchased it and had my copy signed. After reading I can say I made a brilliant choice.

I’ll start off by noting this is an adult read containing mature subject matter. The love scenes are interesting and explicit, but not overbearing to the storyline. While I’m not a fan of love at first sight in books, the otherworldly mate theme works in this instance and is believable.

Willows does an excellent job in crafting the personality of Trinity, the main character and her background story. I would have liked to have seen a few of the supporting characters have a bit of the same depth to make them easier to place as the story progresses.

The tale itself contains a mixture of genres: paranormal; fantasy; mystery; thriller; and romance. That’s a lot to pack into one book, but Willows manages to pull it off.

My favourite part: The tea concoction. I’m making a shopping list to see if it can be duplicated. I’d love to relax that much!

My least favourite part: The concept of Immortality used in the novel. I understand that some people may consider Immortality to mean can only be killed in battle, but I am old-fashioned. I like my immortals to be unable to be killed or a reason otherwise specified.

Four out of five stars. Recommended read for 18+ audiences.