Review: Shift or Treat by Josette Reuel

I recently had the opportunity to meet Ms. Reuel at an author signing event. While she is known for her steamier works, I was assured that this was a tamer side to romance;. an odd combination of innocence with paranormal romance. Being the romance novel lover that I am, I needed to give it a try. A signed copy is proudly displayed in my office library.

This Novella/Novelette follows the story of Simone. She’s curvy, which in the romance world means overweight which is confirmed by her constant diet battle – the reader’s imagination is allowed to fill in the details from there as to appearance. The love interest is Austin, the office eye-candy, who seems to tease her unmercifully.

There’s a Halloween party, complete with costumes, which sets the stage for anything paranormal to seem normal. Simone will need to decipher if Austin is joking at her expense or truly revealing his secrets.

It’s a short story so I won’t give away anything from there. It is, however, a sweet romance that would be perfect for a young adult audience.

Four out of five stars. Recommended read for those who enjoy true romance.