Poem In Your Pocket Day

National Poem month is April. It’s only fitting that a poetry inspired event, Poem In Your Pocket Day happens every year. This year it falls on April 27th. Believe it or not, this celebration is unofficially in its 14th year and officially in its 9th year in the United States. Canada joined the celebration in 2016.

So what happens on Poem In Your Pocket Day?

You guessed it. Individuals carry a poem in their pocket. This special day is aimed at not only reading poetry, but also writing it. Participants choose to carry an all time favourite or use one they have created themselves. Throughout the day, the poem is shared, read and enjoyed by whoever comes in contact with the carrier. Those who are lucky may even find a few street teams giving away poem scrolls on downtown streets or in malls.

In the evening it is all about poetry readings. Libraries, local cafes and bookstores join in, hosting a celebration of all forms of verse. I suggest checking out what is available in your area. You may even find some places giving away poetry booklets and bookmarks to attendees.

If you are stuck in front of a computer, don’t worry, twitter uses the hashtag #pocketpoem to accommodate your needs. Share as much or simply read what others have posted. Don’t forget to blog your poems or a tribute to your favourite poets as well.

Why not be daring this year. Poetry is an expression of one’s self. Take the leap and write a few lines. Share them this year with friends, colleagues and family. You may start a brand new tradition. Literacy is contagious – spread the word.

Thanks for reading & remember Books & Quills is always looking for poetry submissions. April 27th is the perfect day to send in your work!