Finding Inspiration to Overcome Writer’s Block – April

How do you deal with writer’s block? That’s probably the most frequently asked question of any author and their least favourite to answer. I decided to tackle finding an answer in 2017 by drawing inspiration from other forms of art. Once a month I’ll be trying something different and discussing the results.

For April, also known as International Poetry Month, I decided it would be fitting to attend a poetry reading event. There were invitations galore in my inbox and I have to admit it was hard to decide which one to try. In the end, other appointments, committee nights and my family life were the main deciding factors. Out of the handful left, I chose the one I felt the most comfortable with and where I knew at least one other person attending.

For anyone who doesn’t know, there is actually a big difference between being a novel writer and a poet. Poetry is much more difficult, at least in my opinion. I am the first to admit, I am not a poet. I am actually of that strange breed that still believes she needs to rhyme the last line when trying to write a poem ~ I’m a poet and didn’t know it ~ comes to mind. In the last year, I have read a few poetry books, but I remain an outsider looking in. I did, however, enjoy the night.

It started off with readings from some well-known poets, followed by an open microphone for any attending poets to showcase their works and finished off with a more abstract form. They all had one thing in common – they made me think. I thought about the words, the author’s meanings and the way they melted together almost in song. Not all were happy and I felt the emotions like a tidal wave I didn’t see come because it was hiding within the words. In short, I fell in love with poetry.

The question of this project is, did it inspire me? The answer is yes. It inspired me to explore different word choices, to open my mind to more possibilities and to write. I wrote about five thousand words later that evening and, while not poetry, it felt spectacular.

Poetry readings are a win for inspiration in my book!

Thanks for joining me and hope you’ll come back next week for another edition of The Write Information.