A Bookworm’s Survival Kit

The bookworm is a creature of habit; it likes its cave of comfy blankets, endless books, and limitless hot drinks, but sometimes leaving the house is inevitable. Like, what about when you have to go to the library? Or worse, you have to go someplace where you won’t be surrounded by books. In this instance, what do you do? What do you bring? How do you survive?

Here is a bookworm’s survival kit to surviving an evening out:

First of all, it is necessary to bring a bag so that you have a place to put your books. Make sure the bag is big enough to fit at least one book. (If the weather is not good, make sure the bag can zip so that your precious books aren’t ruined.)





Don’t underestimate your bags! It may look like it’ll only fit one, but if you try hard enough, you might be able to fit four or five! You know…just in case….




Features nine books plus extra room for more!

Your best bet may be just to bring a backpack full of books because you never know what could happen while you’re away from home. Maybe your house will flood or a comet will strike just your house or the zombie apocalypse will happen and the zombies won’t want brains–they’ll want books! So if you’re really smart (or just really paranoid) a backpack will work best.





Whether or not you actually listen to music, earphones are also a necessity, because without earphones people might do terrible things like try to talk to you. Although this is not a foolproof plan to avoid this atrocity, it will decrease the chances of it happening to you.





During this time you will most likely be reading to either avoid people or pass time, so you might not have time to react appropriately to things that happen in the book. I suggest bringing a pretty notebook and writing down everything that you would’ve normally reacted to in an extreme away along with the reaction so that you can do it later. For example, “Characters kissed: shriek!” or “Character died: cry for 30 minutes”. Some of these things can’t be done in public (unless you’re really brave), but you shouldn’t deny yourself the enjoyment of doing them by yourself later.



Don’t forget to bring some pens with you! Bonus if it’s a cat pen.






Next up is the hot drink issue. This one can be a little bit tricky, because hot drinks can’t be found just anywhere, but make sure to bring your own travel cup (full!) and hope that wherever you’re going you’ll be able to find a place to refill it.





I wish you the best of luck, and if you follow these guidelines closely you should be able to make it through this challenging time.