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As many of you know, I am an avid reader and supporter of new authors, so I am happy to be able to introduce you to Amanda J. Evans author of Finding Forever. While I haven’t yet had a chance to read her book, it is in my to-be-read pile. I think it winked at me. Perhaps I should move it up a few spots.

Here’s a little information about her book that might move Finding Forever into the top spot on your reading list as well:

When Liz wakes up on a beach wearing a tattered wedding dress and her dead husband in her arms, all she wants to do is die along with him. Instead she is unexpectedly rescued, but Charles’ body is left behind. She is determined to go back and recover Charles body to give a proper burial to her beloved.

All is not what it seems, though. The man helping her out thinks she is crazy and an enemy from the past, intent on revenge, hasn’t finished what he started. Liz must find out the truth about the accident and what really happened to her husband. She’ll put her life at risk in order to find and keep love forever.

Finding Forever is the debut novella from Amanda J Evans. A blend of mystery and suspense, mixed with romance and unexpected twists. Finding Forever will prove to you that when you believe in love anything is possible.

Of course, I had a lot to ask – curious minds need answers and Evans was willing to take on my barrage of inquiries. Hopefully, I wasn’t too tough!

Question: What genre would you say the book falls into?

The genre is women’s fiction in the mystery, suspense category with some romance too.

Question: Are there any trigger warnings and/or explicit content readers should know about?

There are some swear words from male characters but no explicit content.

Question: What is your favourite quote?

My favorite quote from the book is from Charles and it’s when he says, “Love comes at you like a bolt of lightning. You don’t see it, but once it touches you, you won’t ever want to let it go. It’s a feeling deep inside that you can’t explain. It makes you smile, make you want to dance and do silly things, and just the thought of losing it causes your whole world to become dark. Love is precious and those that are lucky enough to find it should always treasure it.”

Question: What advice do you have for new writers?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Every writer has their own distinctive voice and you have to find this. Trust in your talent and don’t ever give up. If you have a need inside you to write, give in to it. If you can’t think of anything but writing, do it. Nothing is perfect the first time round, but write it anyway. Listen to the voice inside you that screams for release and let it flow onto the page. Believe in yourself and don’t worry about sales. Follow your passion first, and everything else will follow.

Question: Where do you write?

I have my own office at home, but I often write in the car. I write with pen and paper so anywhere will do. I usually write in spurts whenever I get some spare time, so if I have to pick my daughter up from school, I’ll bring my notebook and pen and get some pages written. I also tend to arrive early for things, and have my notebook and pen in my handbag so I can get something done while I wait.

Question: Are your characters real to you? Do you speak to them?

My characters speak to me. I often say that when I write it’s like the characters dictate their stories to me. I see everything that is happening like a movie in my mind.

Question: What piece of advice from other authors do you hear the most but choose to ignore?

There are two pieces of advice that I tend to ignore. One is to publish something new every month. I just can’t do that. Writing takes time and even if I could have a first draft done in a month, there is no way I could have editing, beta reading, and everything else that comes with a book, done in a month. The other piece of advice that I ignore is planning. I don’t plan my books. I just sit down, pick up my pen and go for it. I never know what is going to happen and I love the excitement of this. I tried planning for NaNoWriMo about 5 years ago. I spent two weeks planning the novel I was going to write. My female main character, etc, and then when I started writing it completely changed. My main character was male and his father ended up having a major role, when I thought he would just be a secondary character. After that, I decided to write, the way I write, and do what works best for me.

Question: Which do you prefer, Novels or Novellas, and why?

I have to say, I don’t really mind once there is a complete story. I hate books where the story ends abruptly with no conclusion at all. When writing I try to write novel length but if the story is told completely in a novella, then I don’t mind.

Question: Are there any Easter eggs in your book(s)?


Question: What’s your favourite food? Have you ever mentioned it in your book(s)?

I love pasta and Chinese food. I might have mentioned both in my upcoming book Save Her Soul.

Question: Do you have a writing motto?

I don’t really. If I did though, it would be pick up the pen and trust in yourself. Just do it.

Question: If you could change the date to any year past or future, what date would you change it to and why?

If I could go back to the 29th of October 1990 and prevent the death of my father I would. If I were going to the future I would go to the 18th of July 2027, ten years from now. I’d be celebrating my 50th birthday and I’d love to see where my writing career has taken me.

I love these answers. I was, however, a little sad to see there weren’t any Easter eggs to be found. That is one of my favourite reading games, but that’s another story. Thank youm Amanda J. Evans for taking the time to chat with me.

Amanda J. Evans writes paranormal and fantasy novels as well as children’s stories and lives in Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland with her husband and two children. She was published in several journals and anthologies in 2016. Her first novel Finding Forever was published in 2017 and her forthcoming title Save Her Soul will be released in the summer 2017. Amanda has also secured a publishing deal with Handersen Publishing for a children’s book and this will be released in the fall, 2017. Amanda is the author of Surviving Suicide: A Memoir from Those Death Left Behind, published in 2012. You can find out more on her website www.amandajevans.com.

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