Review: A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn

Christy Miller is convinced dreams do come true! What other explanation could there be for her family’s sudden decision to move from Wisconsin to California? But Christy soon learns there’s another side to this new life, which leads her to – A Whisper and a Wish

Fifteen-year-old Christy is thrilled that her family is moving to California! She’ll be right back at the beach with all her friends from last summer. But her dreams of a beach reunion are dashed when she learns her family will be living in an obscure town farther inland. Christy has to start all over again, meeting new friends and trying to fit in.

At first, things seem to be going well. She is accepted by a group of popular girls, which launches her social life, and one of the most gorgeous guys at school seems interested in her. But while her new friends are fun, some of them are facing problems that Christy doesn’t know how to deal with including a run-in with the police. As disappointments grow and things spin out of control, will Christy turn to God for help? Will her dreams and wishes come true?

–back cover of A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn

A Whisper and a Wish is the second book in the Christy Miller series. The author kept up the innocent, yet fairly preachy, feel that the first book had. This book had a significantly less amount of religion being shoved down people’s throats, so while I still think it would be for a younger audience, people of different religions besides Christianity may find this book enjoyable.

Christy continues to be a relatable character for girls around 15. She is like most fifteen-year-olds that I know–fun-loving, a bit insecure as they find who they are becoming, and wanting to be accepted. I think that she would resonate with people of that age. In this book, we also get to meet Katie who becomes one of my favorite characters throughout the entire series. She is fun and quirky and overall a great friend to every character that she meets.

Overall, the plot of this book was good. It was interesting and entertaining. When the girls are arrested it is dealt with in a realistic way.

There are two different things that I think readers should be aware of. For one, the “gorgeous guy” that she meets has abusive tendencies that are not addressed as abusive tendencies. They are looked on as normal when he really is not a very great guy. This book also deals with an eating disorder in one of the side characters. I do not feel like this was portrayed in a good way. It is not very accurate, and this is one of those issues that really needs to be portrayed accurately.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.