Finding Inspiration to Overcome Writer’s Block – May

How do you deal with writer’s block? That’s probably the most frequently asked question of any author and their least favourite to answer. I decided to tackle finding an answer in 2017 by drawing inspiration from other forms of art. Once a month I’ll be trying something different and discussing the results.

For May, I did something a little different. I attended an evening at the race track with family for Mother’s Day. The night included a buffet dinner and window seats overlooking the track. While some of you may not consider horse racing a form of art, I beg to differ. There is a certain gracefulness in the way these animals circle the track – one that I hope to be able to put into words.

The best part of the evening for me, by far, was choosing who to place my two dollar bet on. I’m not a stats and inside information gal. I went strictly by the names. With names ranging from famous books, authors and characters, to funny sayings and plays on words, we were laughing all night. I admit I didn’t walk out winning loot, but I did have an amazing night.

I tip my hat to the courteous staff. The food was well prepared and plentiful. Betting stations were located only three tables away from us, which allowed us more time between races for chit chat.

The energy of racetrack goers is contagious. The roar of cheers for different numbers at the finish put a bolt of electricity into an already charged atmosphere. Of course, that also mean we were exhausted by the time we made it home. The muse was silent as I fell straight to sleep.

Are you wondering about the results of my experiment? The answer to this one is a little more complicated. While it’s true I didn’t come home and write as I experienced with other outings, I will be using the evening as a scene in an upcoming book. I chalk this one up as a success in the research department.

I am, however, looking to grasp that creative flow – I’ve been a bit lazy this past week. In June, I need to step up the artsy part of the adventure day! I hope you’ll join me for those results next month!

Thanks for reading The Write Information.