Review: In Articulo Mortis by Regina Bethory

I love a good horror story, especially the ones you can tell around a campfire at night. In Articulo Mortis is just that. If you scare easy, be prepared to leave the lights on after reading. Although, that might not keep the Reaper at bay.

This thriller written by Regina Bethory is one of the best I have read in a while. While it is a short story, the author packs a punch into 65 pages.

Theresa is the local coroner with a childhood that was equally as gruesome as the cases she now works on. Something from her past is stalking her and it isn’t just in her memories.

The writing had a good flow and kept me interested from start to finish. Bethory excelled the most in creating Death; the Grim Reaper’s character in this piece is a work of art. From physical description to purpose, you can count on being fascinated by this new version.

I am giving In Articulo Mortis a 4.5-star rating only because the story doesn’t tie off at the end and I have found no indication that second story is forthcoming. I’ll be following this author just in case.

Recommended read for all fans of horror and things that go bump at any time.