Authors Worth Following: Part 1

It’s no secret that I am an avid Indie book reader. I love giving self-published authors a chance – looking for the diamonds in the rough, so to speak. In my exploration of this side of the literary world, I have, for the most part, been pleasantly surprised by the talent that publishers have overlooked. Every now and then, however, I come across an author whose writing is so exceptional that I know they are going far.

Ellie Midwood is one of those authors.

Midwood writes in a genre that used to make me, personally, cringe at the thought of reading – Historical Fiction. I always believed that any book listed in that category would bore me to sleep. Then I came across a book called Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman’s eyes. The description hooked me into trying it. I’ve now read four of her books and have another one I am about to start.

Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman’s eyes

This is a powerful story that follows a young girl from having a normal life, to being placed in concentration camps, and finally to the end of the war. The reader is taken on a journey of lost innocence, hardening hearts, and finding love.

The Girl from Berlin: Standartenfuher’s Wife (Book 1)

This is the story of Annalise, a young ballerina who happens to be Jewish at the start of Hitler’s reign. Her family, however, was successfully able to hide their roots. In the first part of the story, she marries her father’s friend, a German officer who is also a double agent. Readers see the main character transform from a spoiled girl to a caring woman.

The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenfuhrer’s Mistress (Book 2)

The second book picks up quickly where book one ended. Annalise stands alongside her husband in all his endeavours – leading her into a world of trouble. Another man, one people depict as cruel and heartless, continuously saves her. The connection between the two is undeniable, but Annalise intends to be loyal to her husband.

The Girl from Berlin: War Criminal’s Widow (Book 3)

I dove right into this book, wanting to know the outcome – even though there was a bit of foreshadowing in book one. The end message is a powerful one. I’m not sure how I feel about it. However, I have to admit the ending is how things could have happened, but it’s an ending not everyone will be happy with.

I enjoyed the series enough to pick up Midwood’s new book The Indigo Rebels. I can’t wait to read it!

As these books do deal with mature subject matter, I suggest an 18+ audience with a warning label for rape, hate crimes, war, torture and general violence.

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