Authors Worth Following – Susi Wright

It’s no secret that I am an avid Indie book reader. I love giving self-published authors a chance – looking for the diamonds in the rough, so to speak. In my exploration of this side of the literary world, I have, for the most part, been pleasantly surprised by the talent that publishers have overlooked. Every now and then, however, I come across an author whose writing is so exceptional that I know they are going far.

Susi Wright is one of those authors.

Wright’s books fall into in a genre that I know a lot about – Fantasy. Epic Fantasy, to be exact. Her trilogy, The Fire Chronicles, includes well-thought-out worldbuilding and character development. The author takes her readers on a journey, letting them in on every step of way – sometimes it may be a little too much planning and strategy.

The plot is sound through all three works and earns an overall solid 4-star rating. Love, betrayal and a good fight are all included as we follow Luminor, the Lord of the Fire, and Xandor, a young warrior who seeks out others of his kind. Gaians, a magical race, cohabitate the planet with humans in an Alliance. A new enemy threatens to destroy all that has been created.

My one main comment to the author would be to take a look at ways to reduce the wordiness of some of the sentences.

If you like Sword and Sorcery, it might be worth looking into this series. It’s a Young Adult series, so it can be read by almost everyone. I’ll be watching Susi Wright’s career, expecting it to take off in the future.

Thanks for reading The Write Information.