The New Magical Book Club for Potter Fans

It was the book series that enchanted a generation. With movies, memorabilia, several theme parks, and more, the wizarding world has been a phenomenon that grips the imagination and doesn’t let go. If you, like so many other “Potterheads,” have been looking for an excuse to read the books over again we have good news!  In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Pottermore is hosting an official Wizarding World Book Club.

That’s right! You can read along with thousands of fans, new and old alike, and experience the magic all over.  Simply go to and sign up.  From there, you can read along with your fellow witches and wizards from all over the world and participate in discussions about the books over twitter.  

The Experience So Far

The club is already underway, at about half-way through the first book.  Every week, themes and questions are posted on Pottermore for readers to explore. Live discussions then take place over Twitter @wwbookclub.  It has been such an amazing experience connecting with fans about this beloved series again.  Not only that, but each theme has articles and insights written by JK Rowling on their respective pages on Pottermore, which fill in some of the blanks and deepen our understanding of the wizarding world.

The only drawback to this, for me at least, has been the platform on which the discussions take place.  Twitter is not very conducive to lengthy debates or passionate ranting, both of which superfans are prone to doing.  Having to limit your very real and intense feelings about Harry Potter to only 140 characters is quite the challenge.  However, it has allowed for a large, diverse group of fans to all geek-out together and that, alone, has been magical.  

What’s to Come

The Wizarding World Book Club intends to continue reading each and every book in the series, providing more themes and insights for fans to explore together.  Starting in October, two new books about the Wizarding World will be released in tandem with the British Library’s Harry Potter Exhibition.  Harry Potter: A History of Magic – The Book of the Exhibition will explore subjects that were taught at Hogwarts, and Harry Potter – A Journey Through a History of Magic will explore many other elements of the HP universe.  Later in the fall, the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will come out just in time for you to get it for the book club. It’s going to be a magical year!  

Are you in the Wizarding World Book Club?  Let us know what you think of it, and share your favorite Harry Potter book!