Review: Alterations by Jane Suen

I’ve read other works by Jane Suen and her new Novella, Alterations, caught my eye when I saw it was a medical thriller. Of course, the cover helped in that regard.

This is the tale of three women – their fates tied together by one common thread. Each of them is being treated by Dr. Kite. Doctor is a loose term when it comes to this man as he holds no degree. He is, however, a genius and my favourite character in Alterations

The women all have very different issues they need to be addressed. Only one is actually sick and needs the treatment. The other two are battling the bulge and age. Each wants a quick fix with minimal effort. That’s Kite’s speciality and the reason why no one asks him for a degree. Our good doctor has invented a cure–an implant of sorts–but two end up being defective. That’s where the fun begins.

I have to admit if someone promised within an hour they could change me into whatever size I wanted, I’d bite. With all the money women spend on looking younger you can bet there would be a lot who would overlook legalities for youth. This scenario is plausible and that is where Suen’s trademark twist comes into play, leaving the reader with thought-provoking questions.

Alterations is by far my favourite piece by Suen. I enjoyed the both the writing and the characters. I can’t wait for what comes next!

Four out of five stars! A recommended read for thrill seekers and science fiction lovers alike.