Things to Know About the New IT

I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. We all know the story, but not the surprises.

IT was the very first Stephen King novel I ever read. I was a teen at the time, and after finishing IT, I found myself led into a fairly long love affair with his other books, although none ever quite lived up to the first.

As a Tim Curry fan, the miniseries in 1990 combined two things I adored. Over the years, I watched it multiple times. It strayed from the book and I wasn’t a fan of the ending, but overall I found it as an acceptable from-book-to-screen transformation.

When they announced a new IT was coming to theatres I was elated. Even better, it carries the seal of approval from both Stephen King and Tim Curry. I made sure I was at the first showing available. I stayed away from articles and trailers hoping for that “WOW” factor that not knowing brings. In retrospect, I wish I had known a few things.

  1. IT was split into two parts. The movie which was just released follows the children in Derry only. I found it reminiscent of The Goonies.
  2. The adult half is not being released until 2019.
  3. There are Easter eggs. Make sure you watch closely to collect them all. Some I found quite amusing.
  4. Be prepared for a long movie. IT ended up being over two hours, plus the usual beginning advertisements.

My Personal Thoughts on the Movie

Strictly from a film standpoint, I agree with the critics – it is good. A few spots were a bit slow for me, but all-in-all it was an enjoyable flick. The child actors were great choices and spot-on. There are some great shock-value scenes, which I loved.

From a book standpoint, it is a different story. The movie deviates so far from the novel. I was disappointed. While I understand some of the reasons why it does, I can’t help but feel too much was missing.

I’m interested to see the direction in which part two goes.