Winners in the Summer Indie Book Awards

Voting is all wrapped up for another year. The Summer Indie Book Awards hosted by Metamorph Publishing has released their winner list. Congratulations to all the winners! Let’s see how my predictions did.


Prediction: There are so many great titles in the Anthology category, but I’m putting my money on Hugs and Kisses: A Writers’ Retreat Romance Anthology coming out on top.


  1. The Collective by Riley Edwards and Jonathan Edward Ondrashek
  2. Ghostly Writes by Plaisted Publishing House and Many Others
  3. Man Behind the Mask by Audrey Brice (Author), Stevie Kopas (Author), S. L. Mewse (Author), D M Slate (Author), Dawn Cano (Author), Debbie Dodds (Author), Michelle Garza (Author), Alice J. Black (Author), Melissa Larson (Author), Fox Emm (Author), Dani Brown (Author), Kasey Hill (Author), Delphine Quinn (Author), Kindra Sowder (Author), Carly Holmes (Author), Jaime Johnesee (Author), Lisa Lane (Author), Rose Garnett (Author), David Owain Hughes (Editor), Veronica Smith (Editor), Jonathan Edward Ondrashek (Editor), Linnea Quigley (Foreword)
Results: I missed the mark for the Anthology genre.


Prediction: There are only three choices in this genre. It is also my first time hearing about any of them. Good luck to all three authors.


  1. Breaking the Glass Slipper by Sherry Rentschler
  2. The Puppet Master by Stephen E. Crockett
  3. From Cropduster to Airline Captain by LeRoy Brown
Results: No prediction was made


Prediction: Even though my kids are now grown, I love children’s books. After checking out the choices I think Where’s the Frog? could be a front runner.


  1. Dragon Lightning by Jenny Burke
  2. Giorgio and the Olive by J.L. Gonzalez
  3. A Home for Emy by Chris Turnbull
Results: I’m left asking… Where’s the Frog? My predictions rate a zero in the Children's category.


Prediction: We have a competition in this one! It’s going to be a close call, but I expect ICE to lead the pack.


  1. An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco
  2. ICE – Knights of Silence by Amy Cecil
  3. Enigma of Life by Shandi Boyes
Results: ICE made the list.


Prediction: Dead on Your Feet could take this away. I have, however, added A Few Simple Murders to my wish list.


  1. Take You Home by T.J. Spade
  2. Right to Silence by Lily Luchesi
  3. Blood Lust by Markie Madden
  4. Siren Song by Markie Madden
  5. Welcome to Central City by Adam C. Mitchell
Results: A fail in Crime!


Prediction: I’m predicting Catch Me If I Fall, but with only four to choose from, this is anyone’s game.


  1. Catch Me If I Fall by Kay Blake
  2. Freak by Erin Lee
  3. Her Name was Sam by Erin Lee
Results: Successful prediction


Prediction: I’d be surprised if Untamed didn’t walk away with this.


  1. Untamed by Madeline Dyer
  2. Border Lines by L.E. Fitzpatrick
  3. Operation Child by Jaci Wheeler
Results: Successful prediction


Prediction: Pandora’s Destruction by Kitten Wallace has potential in this category. I will note there is a distinct absence of some of this year’s top indie erotica titles.


  1. Disgraceful by Dee Palmer
  2. Blurred Edges (Volume 2) by Kane Caldwell
  3. Waiting by R.M. Gauthier
Results: Failed prediction


Prediction: This is the category to watch! It’s so tight, anyone could take this. I’m looking for Crown of Delusion or More Things on Heaven and Earth to place well. The competition is going to be tough though with the likes of Grant Leishman, Mark McQuillen and R.R. Virdi being among the authors to choose from.

Although one of my own books was nominated in this category, I don’t expect it to place in the top five.


  1. Hat Trick by Jeremy Croston
  2. Color of Evil by S K Wee
  3. The Council by Kayla Krantz
  4. Playing with Fire by Clare Meyers and Cris Meyers
Results: Failed prediction


Prediction: This is a hard choice, but I’m betting on The Beekeeper’s Daughter doing well.


  1. Letters Away by Elias Raven and Sharon Johnson
  2. A Nest of Hornets by Robert Krenzel
  3. The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Jane Jordan
Results: Successful prediction


Prediction: Yolanda Olson has a couple titles listed and both are probably going to end up topping the list. I’m looking for Dawn of a New Breed to stake a claim in the top few as well.


  1. Shadow Puppets by Carver Pike
  2. Odium IV by Claire C. Riley
  3. Dead Normal by D M Singh
Results: Failed prediction


Prediction: Only two titles are listed. It could be exciting to see who comes out on top. I can see both being in the top two.


  1. Christmas Miracle in July by R.M. Gauthier
  2. Horny Santa by Ethan Radcliff
Results: I nailed the prediction in this category!


Prediction: This is another category with only a few choices. I expect to see Actually, Don’t Write a Book About Me come out on top.


  1. Welcome to E. Mayberry by Chris Genovese
  2. Actually, Don’t Write a Book About Me by Leia Star
  3. FaeTal by Becca Moree
Results: Prediction placed second


Prediction: I’m picking Agents of Shadow to rake-in the votes on this one.


  1. Severed Heart by Kristy Ferguson
  2. Agents of Shadow by Richard Crofton
  3. Patriots Passing by Summer Prescott
Results: Prediction placed second.

New Adult

Prediction: I can see Jenna’s Story doing well.

I’m not picking a clear winner as one of my own titles is in the mix and I have to keep my fingers crossed. Good luck to all the authors.


  1. Tomoiya’s Story: Escape to Darkness by C.A. King
  2. Concealed by the Night by Michael James
  3. In Her Woods by Jaxson Kidman and London Casey
Results: Surprise - shock! Thank you!


Prediction: Another tough fight. I’m looking at Snowed to be near the top. Kiss of Vengeance should also place well.

This is another category for which one of my books is nominated. As a sequel in a series, I don’t think it has the following needed to hit the top.  Good luck to all the authors nominated!


  1. Tomoiya’s Story: Collecting Tears by C.A. King
  2. The Ghost in the Mirror by Faith Gibson
  3. Kiss of Vengeance by E.A. Copen
Results: Prediction placed 3rd. I’ll add some surprise and shock for my novella placing first. Thank you.


Prediction: This genre is packed with choices! I expect to see Embellished by Karen Glista finish high on the list. I’m not counting out Jill by Rose Montague, either. This is going to be a tight race to the finish and one of the more exciting categories to follow.


  1. Deceit Can be Deadly by Nicky Charles
  2. Night Orchid by L. Lombard
  3. My Champion by Alanea Alder
Results: Failed prediction


Prediction: Wow! Talk about some great poets! I’m picking Transverse to edge out the competition. Look for Stained Glass to place near the top.


  1. Love Letters Destroyed by Winter M. Balefire
  2. Inhale Love Exhale Poetry by Lo-arna Green
  3. Nova by Joanne Van Leerdam
Results: Failed prediction


Prediction: This is an impressive list! I’m expecting to see Refusing to Expire by Tricia Daniels and Advance by K.A Duggsy to take the top two spots.


  1. My Light by Echo Hart
  2. Refusing to Expire by Tricia Daniels
  3. Fit for a King by Susan Fisher-Davis
  4. Hart of Country by Kris Nacole
Results: 50-50

Science Fiction

Prediction: I expected this genre to be slam packed with titles. As it turns out, it is a manageable size. I’ll be looking for Starstruck and The Riddle of the Gods at the top of the pack


  1. Riddle of the Gods by Lyra Shanti
  2. Starstruck by S.E. Anderson
  3. Zeeka Chronicles by Brenda Mohammed
Results: Successful prediction


Prediction: With only three titles listed, all will place well. I’m taking a pass on predictions on this one.


  1. Victor or Victim by YM Zachery
  2. One Good Reason by Erin Lee
  3. The Lion and the Peacock: How I Conquered Anxiety by Jennifer Peacock-Smith
Results: All three did place well!

Short Story

Prediction: There are a lot of good short stories on this list. I’m taking a pass on picking the top spots as one of my own titles is in the running. Good luck to all the authors nominated.


  1. New Horizons by Joanne Van Leerdam
  2. Freeing his Dark Edges by Kane Caldwell
  3. When Leaves Fall by C.A. King
Results: No prediction made


Prediction: I’m expecting Amanda Evans’ book Finding Forever to place at the top, but I can’t count out R.M. Gauthier’s two nominations either. This could be an exciting finish.


  1. Finding Forever by Amanda J. Evans
  2. Cain – Rage of Angels by Elias Raven
  3. A Tale of a Rough Diamond by P. J. Mann
Results: Prediction successful

Time Travel

Prediction: An interesting category! This one is anyone’s game and I simply can’t pick a clear-cut winner. I’ll be watching the results closely!


  1. Booth by Jason Pellegrini
  2. Do You Realize? By Kevin A. Kuhn
  3. A Love Beyond Time by Bella Emy
Results: No prediction made

Young Adult

Prediction: Again, I see some familiar names I expect to do well, but I am predicting a surprise victory for an underdog title in this one!


  1. The Adventures of Nick and Billy by Michael Hoard
  2. 16 Myths by Aim Rivivar
  3. Fragmented by Madeline Dyer
Results: You decide!

Congratulations to all the authors both winning and nominated.

There is no exact science to predicting the results of a vote like this. In a fan-based award, it’s anyone’s game. Just being nominated is an achievement to celebrate. I’m following all of these authors and look forward to reading more from each over the next year!

Until next time, happy reading.