As part of our Year of Writing, participants have the opportunity to enter a Daily Drabble contest throughout the month of February. This contest consists of writing a short drabble–100 words or less–based on our fill-in-the-blank prompt, which is posted daily on our Twitter.

The prompt for February 3rd was:

Winner: Jes Bowers

“What would you do if I asked you out on a date tonight?”
“I’d probably run for the hills.”
“Huh. That’s probably smart, actually. I did almost just end the world, after all.”
“You should run too, y’know, because I tried to kill you.”
“To prevent me ending the world! Not the same.”
“If you’re not gonna hate me for attempted murder, I don’t have to hate you for world domination, alright?”
“…I hate that I love you, you know that?”
“Hate that I love you too. C’mon, let’s get some frozen yogurt. No – DON’T start, not a date.”

About Jes Bowers

According to reports, Jes is a cryptid that lives in the Austin area of Texas, and migrates to the coast in certain seasons. This cryptid is easy to approach, and in fact seems to love human contact, fond of talking people’s ears off about their cats. If you’re unable to make the trip to sight them in the wild, they’re also on the internet.

Check back in tomorrow for the winners of today’s Daily Drabble contest!