As part of our Year of Writing, participants have the opportunity to enter a Daily Drabble contest throughout the month of February. This contest consists of writing a short drabble–100 words or less–based on our fill-in-the-blank prompt, which is posted daily on our Twitter.

The prompt for February 4th was:

Winner: Alicia Bede

“So I was walking in the park when I saw a human! And then, it exploded!”
“Your stories get more ridiculous every day. A human? There’s no way the dragons would let anyone blow up a human.”
“They did, I swear it.”
“Nope, not gonna believe it. Humans went extinct aeons ago. If there was one here it would be protected.”
“Unless they’ve been lying to us all along and humans exist!”
“Grow up. The closest still around are angels, but they’re not really related.”
“I know what I saw.”
“Keep talking like that. They’ll brand you a conspiracy nut.”

About Alicia Bede

Alicia is a teacher who found that she loves to write almost as much as she loves to read. Consequently she spends hours lost in fantastical worlds and imagining whimsical creatures and characters. She loves to quilt and to spend time with her dog and fiancé exploring the world at large.

Check back in tomorrow for the winners of today’s Daily Drabble contest!