Into the Dragon’s Tomb- Awaken and tame a Golden Dragon in 175F for a Golden Buttery surprise. (Yellow tea)

Mysterious Flowering Tea- An old lady comes up to you and hands you a little ball and says to protect it. You foolishly drop the ball into 175F water and it blooms into a lovely flower with a magical taste.

Adventure Dreams- Your dreams can take you on many adventures. Start the night off right with a cup of 175F Lavender tea.

Dance of The Cherry Blossoms- Let your adventures take you down to Japan. While you’re there pick up some Green Cherry Tea. Enjoy at 175F.

Into the Woods- Your adventures take you on a dark turn. You find yourself in a tall dark forest. Rushing to find a way out, you trip on tree root. Luckily you find a patch of Black tea growing. You pick some and wait out till morning enjoying your black tea at 205F.

Treasure Island- Marooned on the shore of a deserted Island. You wander around in search of nourishment. You find lots of types of tropical fruit. You gather them up with some leaves and make a lovely tree herbal tea at 205F, which is truly the treasure of this island.