Interview: Jane Baker

Jane Baker, author of Nobody Dies When I'm Around, opened up about her writing process, her family, and her inspirations during a recent virtual interview. She spoke candidly about what compelled her to put pen to paper, and how she tackled difficult subject matters such as death, grief, illness, and coming out to her family. Aimee Terravechia: My first question for you is about your writing process. You wrote Nobody Ever Dies When I'm Around during a very difficult time in your family's life. How cathartic was writing this book? Jane Baker: Very. I think that when you are in a tough situation, that finding an outlet for your wild thoughts is exceptionally helpful. But I did only start the book then, and I've been writing since that event. Terravechia: Do you think you would have written this book had that not happened? Baker: Probably not. I think that when your child is ill, your world is shaken up beyond ever getting back to a space where you aren't thinking about everything. (more…)

Book Review: To Save a Life by Jim & Rachel Britts

He gave up being somebody in order to make a difference. Jake and Roger grew up as best friends. But in high school, Jake becomes a star athlete who has it all: popularity, a college scholarships, and the hottest girl on campus. It’s an ideal life that comes at the price of his childhood friend. Meanwhile, Roger grows tired of always being pushed aside, and he makes a tragic move that spins Jake’s world out of control. As Jake searches for answers, one question plagues him the most: could he have saved his friend? Jake is deeply compelled to reach out to students who are on the fringe of acceptance by the school’s upper crust. But he soon finds that reaching out to the undesirable might cost him everything—his reputation, his friends, his girlfriend, and even his dreams. It’s a journey that will change Jake’s life forever.
To Save a Life is an inspirational story about real-life challenges and hard choices. For anyone who has struggled with regret, loneliness, and pain, it is a story of hope. For all of us, To Save a Life is a story about living a life of significance. (more…)

Surviving Live Events – Part II ~ Finding a Venue

The decision has been made and you are looking for a place to showcase your books. Congratulations. This isn't an easy thing for a writer to do, especially if you are an introvert who prefers a computer screen to crowds. The next step you need to take is to find a place that is compatible with what you are trying to accomplish. Sales are an obvious goal, but there are other things to consider as well, including, but not limited to, networking, exposure, meeting existing fans, making one or two new fans, and experience. Different venues will provide you with one or more of those and each has its own value. But, in a world of book shows, fan expos, comic-cons, street festivals, art shows and other events, it can be difficult to figure out the best place to start. Whatever you choose to do, document it with programs, pictures, listings, fliers, newspaper clippings, and anything else you can get your hands on with your name or books listed. This is the start of your event portfolio. Be creative. Make a scrapbook or photo album to display at future events for people to browse through. Everyone looks for someone with experience. The more people who know your name, the more attractive you are to event coordinators. (more…)

Book Review: Starman Jones by Robert Heinlein

I recently read Starman Jones written by Robert Heinlein in 1953. It is one of his juvenile science fiction novels that is enjoyable for all ages. A teenage boy named Max Jones lives on a farm outside of Winnipeg. His father died when he was young and Max was mentored by his Uncle Chet until Chet’s death. He was a Starman in the Astrogators Guild which Max hopes to join one day. The adventure starts when Max meets his stepfather. They do not get along. He runs away from home to join the Astrogators Guild but without an apprenticeship he can't join. He meets up with a grifter named Sam Anderson, who knows a way to get him on one of the ships and still have his adventure. Of course, the ship is the one Max’s Uncle Chet served on when he was alive. On the ship, he meets an array of colorful characters. Some he gets along with and others he doesn’t, including a girl named Eldreth "Ellie" Coburn and her spider puppy who are among the group of colonists. (more…)

Canadian Author to Donate all Royalties to Support Relief Efforts in Fort McMurray

Canadian author, Kristan Cannon, has thrown her support behind Fort McMurray and the disaster relief effort through donating all of her royalties, from today until the end of May 2016—with a possible extension into June 2016.

“I couldn’t sit and do nothing, not after seeing the videos and images of the city,” Cannon said. “Fort McMurray is the same size as where I grew up. All I could imagine was how horrible it must be to have to pack up and leave everything behind, knowing that you’ll likely never see your home again… and then I couldn’t imagine it happening to North Bay.”

Book Review: Fire Hound by Christine Feehan

Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Paranormal Romance Publication Date: April 26, 2016 Rated: 4.5 Stars

Book 5 in the Sea Haven series: this is Lissa’s story. Lissa is heading to Europe to sell glass designs that she creates as well as running from a fate she has no desire to commit to. She feels like she doesn't belong anywhere due to a traumatic childhood. Even though she has a home with her sisters, she still holds back from fully connecting with them. Unknown to the other five, Lissa has been hiding in America with her sisters to protect her identity, and she has secretly been trained by her uncle to be an assassin. Lissa’s parents were murdered years before, and her uncle took care of her until he wanted her to be safe and sent her to the States. Now Lissa’s real reason for going to Italy is to kill two people who betrayed their family. Finding her soul-mate is not something she's interested in and Casimir has to work for her affections. Since he is unable to prevent her from avenging her family he instead helps her to find the peace she is looking for. (more…)