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Angela B. Chrysler ~ Guest

I am thrilled to have Angela B. Chrysler as my special guest. Over the next two weeks this Cybercon queen will be answering questions about next year’s Brains to Books event. Whether you are a reader or writer, you won’t want to miss out on any of the details. Let’s get started:

Question: What is a Cybercon?

Answer: A CyberCon or Cyber Convention is an online Convention. Inspired by the Comic Convention in San Diego, I dropped the Science Fiction theme and opened it up to readers and writers of all genres. A Convention is an organized meeting with the sole purpose of celebrating a theme with the fandom. The theme for Brain to Books Cyber Convention is Books, both reading and writing them. Where CyberCon differs is our convention is online and affordable making it possible for anyone to attend on a global scale. We remove travel, lodgings, and the majority of expense for those attending the CyberCon.

Question: Why did you create this event?

Answer: “A person’s a person no matter how small.”

Doctor Seuss actually inspired my idea. I created this event because I wanted to unite writers. I saw so many authors calling out to the masses in a single voice shouting, “I am here!” I felt like none of us were being heard. I realized we could be heard if we united our marketing efforts and our voices. I called in every author I knew and together, we turned the hundreds of “I” into a single “WE.” It worked! Everyone advertises the same event. Everyone brings their platform in a mass-exchange of readers. We build it for the readers, giving readers dozens of reasons to attend. By uniting us, we make far more of an impact and we demand readers and the publishing world to acknowledge us and take us seriously. Indie authors can be just as good—and sometimes better—than traditional authors. Together, we can be heard and acknowledged.

Question: Where is B2B-2017 being held?

Answer: B2BCyCon is held all over the internet, but our headquarters is is the trunk of this tree with lines that branch out through the internet. We have events on Google+, YouTube, Goodreads, and Facebook. We have blog tours happening across more than 20 websites worldwide. Links for all these events will be located under the “getting around” section.

Question: How many readers attend the event?

Answer: Everyone is a reader at the CyCon, but approximately 50% of our members are only readers. In 2015, we had 160 authors and no readers. We forgot to invite them. 🙂 In 2016, we had 780 members, but only 300 of them were authors. We are eager to see our numbers for 2017.

Question: What’s new for the 2017 year?

Answer: We have so much new for 2017! First thing is the websites. In 2015 and 2016, #B2BCyCon was organized from Goodreads. There was a lot of confusion. My primary goal for 2017 is to simplify and clarify. We have maps, the website, more events. The Starving Artist event is new and we’re introducing Cosplay Contests where authors can submit a photo of themselves dressed up as one of their characters. We’re raising money this year to keep Brain to Books running, which allows us to start awarding cash prizes to winning authors.

Sign up for 2017 has never been easier. We have a number of new advertising methods coming in this year and so much new potential. Already, I’m seeing so many new faces. The volunteers are new and the mass organization is new. I am also so very proud to announce that Brain to Books is being registered as an LLS, making us an official small business, which gives us a lot more credibility, and a lot more freedom.

Question: When does registration begin?

Answer: October 2016 we open registration here. I will be announcing the exact date in September.

That’s all the time we have for this week. Thank you, Angela, for joining me. Check back next Sunday when Brains behind Brains to books joins me with more answers.

Published by C. A. King

C. A. King

C.A. King was born and raised in Halton County. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her two sons.

After the loss of her loving parents and husband, Ms. King was devastated. Confronted with depression, she decided to do a bit of soul searching. It was during this time that writing became her passion. She found she was able to redirect her emotions through her writing and in 2014 decided to publish some of her works.

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