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Review: Squall by Sean Costello


Squall is a novel based in the Canadian North, and written by bestselling Canadian Author, Sean Costello.

The book follows a recovering drug addict who, through the influence of his girlfriend, has fallen off the wagon and back into using. The other main character is a bush pilot and father of a young family with a wife, a son and another one on the way.


Brain Food for Writers — Eggs in Hell

Writers need food… much as we’d like to think we survive on chocolate, coffee and ideas. The thing about food is that it shouldn’t just be anything being thrown into the body. This is why “brain food” is so important.

Okay, not just for writers but readers, students or anyone relying on the ability to think clearly and quickly. I have a treat for you that doesn’t involve the word “granola” or “diet”.


Weaving the Words

I spent an evening with a friend tonight–one I haven’t seen in years but have kept in tenuous contact through the wonder of Facebook. We shared a glass of wine and caught up with all the things that we couldn’t share online.

She knows, and probably always knew, that I’m a writer by trade and while talk would soon turn to that, what we talked about tonight was the reason for my visit–weaving. Yes, the same type of weaving that is used to create fabric. Only, instead of it being about fabric swatches from a large supplier and from a factory, Jo is an actual weaver. She has a few looms of her own that sit in her home. Some of them are portable (she loaned me one tonight) and others not so portable.

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Book Review: The Fountain by Suzy Vadori

“The Fountain” by Suzy Vadori
“A wonderful book!”
Rating: 5 out of 5

Suzy Vadori’s work, The Fountain, was nominated for a Prix Aurora Prize, and for good reason. The prose was tight and well written, and the characters–particularly the young Ava–jumped off the page and I soon began thinking of them as almost real.

It was a captivating read and I highly recommend it. I’m not normally a fan of Young Adult novels but this book kept me in my chair and nailed to my e-reader.

Reviewers disclaimer: I was given this book at no cost to me by the publisher as part of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Prix Aurora Prize voter’s package.