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Review: Border Lines by L.E. Fitzpatrick

I decided to read Border Lines during the voting period of the Summer Indies Book Awards as it was one of eight books listed in the Dystopian category.

I am going to start by saying this book is well-written with vivid descriptions. Fitzpatrick crammed so much into 233 pages and the book is bursting with action. It takes place in and around apocalyptic London. The book starts out with an interesting murder. That sets up the mystery that needs to be solved.

As the second book in a series, the story follows the already established trio of Charlie, John and Rachel as they take on a new “job”. I wish had more information from the first book. I found it a bit confusing in the beginning. For example, I did not know what type of “jobs” the group did, although, whatever they were, they appeared not to be legally sanctioned.

Although I enjoyed all the different perspectives, early on I found it a bit disjointed; by the halfway mark it came together nicely. The second point of view is more a detective-on-the-case style, following up on a slew of recent murders. This adds in place a whodunit aspect to the tale, which proved to be quite interesting. Fitzpatrick gives a few possibilities along the way.

Overall it was an interesting read that held my attention. I’ll need to read the next book to answer a few questions left over at the end.

Four out of five stars. I’m not taking off any points because I haven’t read the first book in the series, but I strongly suggest other readers do.

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C. A. King

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After the loss of her loving parents and husband, Ms. King was devastated. Confronted with depression, she decided to do a bit of soul searching. It was during this time that writing became her passion. She found she was able to redirect her emotions through her writing and in 2014 decided to publish some of her works.

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