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Best Events

I know from experience the sheer size of this cybercon can be intimidating.While not every event will tickle your tastebuds, it isn’t a bad idea to look ahead  and plan out which ones do. Whether you are an author or a reader, there is fun to be had. The following are my top picks for things to do this year.

Cover Wars.

Do you think your cover is stellar? Why not enter it to go head-to-head with others? This is a multi-round elimination tournament which is decided by popular vote. Matches are scheduled and announced ahead of time. They can be quite intense. This is one of my favourite events both to watch and participate in. Please, authors, if you are participating, don’t forget to credit your cover artists.

Story Hop.

Grab a drink and your favourite blanket. It’s time to curl up and read some fabulous shorts. Last year these stories were amazing and opened my world to some fabulous authors. Each story is different. You can read them one-at-a-time or have a short story marathon – your decision.

Protagonist/Antagonist Character Tournament.

Do you think your protagonist can win it all? Or perhaps, your antagonist is far too sinister to be able to lose. Why not test that theory. This event takes characters from B2Bcycon’s participating authors and matches them against each other. This is a multi-round tournament. Will your favourite character be the last one standing this year?

Games Section.

New this year, and partially organized by yours truly, is a games section. This area will be designed to help direct visitors to author hosted games and giveaways, as well as provide a few activities designed to help readers explore the world of new authors while having some fun. More details will be coming soon.

Cosplay Contest.

Brand new this year. Authors will be dressing up as their favourite character from their books and submitting pictures. How fun is this going to be?

I can’t begin to cover every event. From lip-sync battles to panels to blog tours, there is always something happening. That doesn’t even include the mass-giveaways.

I strongly suggest authors become involved early and check in regularly so as not to miss their event choices. Spots fill up quickly.

Thank you for joining me this week. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to hear about, please email me at caking [at] booksandquillsmag [dot] com. Have a great week.

Angela B. Chrysler ~ Guest ~ Week 2


Welcome back to week two with Angela B. Chrysler as my special guest. The Cybercon queen has graciously agreed to answer more questions about next year’s Brains to Books event. This week we are talking about how authors can participate.

Question: How can authors become involved?

Answer: There are two ways an author can become involved. They can be a featured author—This requires registering at—or a volunteer.

As our members grow, we require more volunteers and will take anyone willing to help. This year we are bringing in volunteers on call to help answer questions, data entry, we have recruits, advertisers, blog tour hosts, event hosts, genre assistants to help organize all the events in a single genre. Authors can volunteer here.