So last week’s battle with writing student math got far more complicated than it needed to be shortly after my last article was turned in for publication. Within 72 hours my grades were totally turned upside down.
As I mentioned, I emailed my professor to get clarification on my Peer Critique grade. I emailed her on Wednesday and got an almost immediate response telling me she’d look into it and get back to me within 24 hours. I heard nothing. So I kept working on my paper and got it to a point I felt proud of. I submitted it on Sunday when it was due and emailed my professor to touch base. She got back to me a few hours later telling me her power had been out due to bad weather and she’d look into it that day. In under 30 minutes she replied saying “I clicked the wrong buttons in the rubric for your grade. My apologies. It is updated now.” The correction bumped my grade up to an A. It changed the needed grade on my paper to get an A in the course from a 90 to an 83. It’s mildly annoying at best.

I resigned myself that things like this just come with the territory, knowing my paper is top notch helps. At that point my paper was in anyway. I had less time than the majority of my peers to work on my paper because of my Week Five extension for my draft and when I got that grade back. Most of the class had between seven and twelve days to work on their paper, I had five. As such I elected to take those five days to just pour myself into the paper. I skipped Event Three for the Writer’s Games, I really did not want to skip it, but I had to. My grades are more important so I was okay with it. Until…

Not even half an hour after my paper was turned in and my Peer Critique grade straightened out, we got an unexpected notice in our class. “At the end of each semester, I typically give an ‘extension’ for the final paper. After looking at the number of papers that have been turned in, I feel like you guys may need it! So I am extending the ‘final paper deadline’ to Sunday, June 5 at 11:59 pm.” I was crushed.

Five. Days. Five days I busted my hump to perfect this paper. In those five days I lost sleep, missed a scored Writer’s Games event thus forfeiting all my potential points for the week, I skipped meals, and I didn’t have to do any of that. I devoted every waking second to making a five-page B draft to a ten-page (hopefully) A paper with two pages of sources including several personal interviews conducted at the professor’s request. My frustration level is incredibly high with the entire situation.
Frustration is an inherent part of being a college student. Knowing how to deal with it is important. I was really angry for a few hours but I cooled off (and by ‘cooled off’ I mean ‘played video games and blew virtual stuff up till I was less angry.’)

It took about a day for my professor to realize that the random last minute extension was a little unfair to those of us that turned our work in on time. She clarified the extension to say that those of us that were on time would get our papers reviewed prior to grading so we would have the option to revise the papers as needed. She said mine looked good and she didn’t see anything needing to be fixed. This makes me a little nervous but she did say that if anything popped up that looked like it would drop me below an A, she’d let me know. Four days later and there’s been no email about a problem… and no grade posted. Looks like I’ll be playing a lot more video games for a few days.