How do you deal with writer’s block? That’s probably the most frequently asked question of any author and their least favourite to answer. I decided to tackle finding an answer in 2017 by drawing inspiration from other forms of art. Once a month I’ll be trying something different and discussing the results.

For March, I attended Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, for a murder mystery birthday celebration.

The evening begins with dinner. You have your choice of soup or salad. I chose the salad which was an excellent choice for me. The mustard dressing reminded me of one my mother used to make, and I, even with her recipe, have never been able to recreate it. The main dish was a choice of four: beef; chicken; fish; or vegetarian. We then had a choice between two scrumptious desserts, which we chose to have served with coffee at intermission.

The fun begins with each of the characters making their way around the room and visiting every table. This isn’t your typical theatre event as the stage is hardly used and everything is very interactive with the audience. In fact, if you are celebrating an event you can tell them and they’ll make you a part of the show.

Our showing was called Murder By The Books and each character was a take-off on a famous British Mystery Author or character. Of course, after meeting them, there was a murder…

I can’t share any more details with you since it could ruin your evening, but everyone has the same clues and a chance during intermission to ask questions of the suspects as they make a second tour around the tables. At the end of the night, you write down who-done-it and why. If you are right, you could win one of five prizes. It is unfortunate that not everyone who figures it out wins, but there are a lot of guests.

Are you wondering about the results of my experiment? It was a great evening out with family and I enjoyed myself immensely. If you haven’t tried Mysteriously Yours, I urge you to make a night of it. I came home with the need to read a few detective novels.

March’s visit to a murder mystery was, in my opinion, a success from a social and mental standpoint! I craved a new mystery to solve and found a few over the next forty-eight hours! I’m ready now to get back to writing. Don’t be surprised if there is a mystery twist in my future works.

Let’s keep that creativity flowing. In April, I’m planning a new destination for my Easter. I hope you’ll join me for those results next month!

Thanks for reading The Write Information.